Zawe Ashton as Vod in Fresh Meat (S1E5)


I’ve nailed a lot of guys. I’ve been sent a lot of chickens. I don’t keep a book, sweetheart.


So, I’m not allowed to drop the N-bomb in a friendly way but it’s alright for you to discriminate against me because I’m posh? This is bullshit in extremis.

memories of alex convincing me to start watching fresh meat by quoting “slanty face”: late august 2012


"Jonathan, had a hearterz. ok now. :/"


I have been meaning to make a JP/potato fanvid since season one. I pretty much died when they had another reference in the series three finale.

"motherfucking baked potato"


You know how you can watch something a million times and never notice a tiny detail and when you do it just makes it that much more wonderful?

I have seen this a million times and yet I still have those moments.

how many times has this been on my blog


How nice of you to pay me a visit, Pope Kingsley