love a good crying-on-the-stairs-with-your-buddy scene



I don’t make a habit of sleeping with men I’ve hardly spoken to but if I do it now and again, it doesn’t make me a bad person, so you can fuck off, Popey.

Her expressions, lord help me. The little pleased eye squint thing after Penne Zellweger alone!




watched the last episode tonight and now i’m just supposed to carry on living like everything’s ok??? #fresh meat #heart feelings in the heart and stuff #thanks lindsay and alex for making me watch this

I feel like if Lindsay and I were better prepared this would be the opportunity to plug something, like “Catie took the Fresh Meat challenge! Willl you?” But that’s not a good name and MTV probably already owns it and we’re not prepared anyway.

But you’re welcome, Catie. Glad to welcome you to the team. <3

catieee, you are so welcome. also thank you v v much for the quote texts every once in a while, i wish i could have those forever.

also also also:


um sabine's giggle in 2x03 when kingsley is on the phone leaving a message for heather apologizing for their fight and he says "i'm not an oilman... i'm a musician" and then she laughs in her room and he goes "shut up sabine!" is my everything kthnxbaiiiiiiiiiiiii


sabine is so underrated. and i don’t mean that in the way that’s like, “why don’t all the dummies appreciated how great sabine is?” (aka “why don’t all the dummies appreciate how great fresh meat is” aka “why don’t all the dummies WATCH FRESH MEAT”) i mean it in the way that’s like, “why haven’t I appreciated how great sabine is?”

"i didn’t realize you’d rear a pig"

i can’t figure out a way for this to Make Sense because kingsley is most definitely not A Louis, but i want to talk about it anyway. t-shirts!!

(kingsley is still A Hannah Horvath. and also maybe like a tiny bit of A Harry Styles - he would haaaate to hear that but, like, fedoras and stuff.)


Usually on the first day of the year I can open up my window and enjoy the weather I listen to Sondre Lerche, but lately I’ve been really into “I Say a Little Prayer” so I just watched Fresh Meat instead.

fresh meat’s commitment to its characters is always astounding and refreshing and perfect, but i’m almost always even more astounded about kingsley. i hate/love/hate him with all my heart and i’m so glad to be positive that that will never change.




I could ship it.

this is such an important thing you brought up bc this both makes no sense at all and also all the sense in the world. i want to sit and think about this for a long time.

also “ca plane pour moi” came on shuffle in the car earlier and it made me think about how much i love oregon and how underrated i think charlotte ritchie might be, and if it’s fair to even say that when the show itself is so underrated, and is it actually underrated or do we just not live in the same country it is made? do brits watch fresh meat and talk about it? or do they have to talk to their internet friends about it too?

ooh yes let’s talk about this Lindsay while bothering everyone who follows us both by having an old school before-inbox reblog discussion.

1. “it makes no sense at all and also all the sense in the world.” yes. why are you so good at putting things into words. it makes total sense and nonsense. i think i tentatively approve of it? there was enough in the finale that made me wonder if when the show comes back (I LIVE IN A WORLD WHERE OF COURSE IT IS COMING BACK) they aren’t even going to pair them up but instead play it as inevitable endgame (“i think she might be my kate middleton,” they both love mumford & sons) and while i’m not sure if i’m actually interested in it (okay yes i am i love them both and i want to see kingsley overreact) i think it could be done very well. so.

2a. i think charlotte ritchie is totally underrated because oregon is absolutely not the character people love. i see things about vod and jp predominantly and then also bits and pieces of love for howard, and i don’t see the hate that josie gets for oregon, but she plays sort of the tertiary character in the jp-vod-oregon friendship and i think it’s easy to overlook just how good she is at it, and at how much oregon has evolved (and yet not evolved) since coming to manchester medlock. (“god i was such a dick on my year off. i mean i thought i knew everything, but really, i knew nothing? now i know everything.”) when i see a lot of love for oregon it’s because people ship vod and oregon (as well they should) but not because they really adore oregon or anything. but she is wonderful and charritchie i think does so many good things with her. like obviously she plays up the pretension and know-it-all-ness but there is such good delivery on so many lines (the “sorrrrrr-eeeee” when she breaks that guy’s dick, the freakout in the bathroom when on the phone with vod while dylan and shales are in the restaurant “why do they make these windows so TINY,” the little face when she says trying to convince vod not to drop out “you’re my best—” and then cuts herself off).

2b. i haven’t been able to figure this out myself! when it started i remember it was not critically acclaimed or anything and then with the second series it was and i feel like maybe it’s just got a very dedicated fanbase of young people and critical supporters? because as far as i am aware the ratings have never been all that good but there’s been so much in the way of tie-ins, like the book (i really need that book by the way) and then the online stuff this last season with the extra content and also the advice series for real frosh, so i don’t know! uk people, how is this show received? tell us we’re interested.

3. lindsay we really need to make that sideblog. i’m gonna do it.

"old school before-inbox reblog discussion"! so many reblogs about skins and fights about queer as folk <3

1. i’m so pumped on this idea now that i’ll be a little disappointed if it doesn’t happen, even as a throwaway. i looove you bringing up “i think she might be my kate middleton” because she really actually MIGHT be, but also jp is looking so hard for his kate middleton that probably any girl who agrees to a quick cuddle when he’s sad could be his kate middleton (but no one else will cuddle, so!!)

2a. i think about oregon’s poetry letter so so often and the other night i couldn’t fall asleep because my brain was just replaying “there aren’t any trees in africa! there aren’t any trees in africa!” over and over and i kept giggling to myself about it. that video is so funny, i kind of can’t believe it?? charlotte ritchie is v important.

2b. mah gal hillary is doing a study abroad year in the uk rn and she msged me to tell me that she does not hear people talking about fresh meat (but that she hears about bad education!), not totally sure what that means but.