Person A: Makes a typo
Person A: Repeats the word with the typo corrected
Person B: Says the word with the original typo
Person A: Shut up


Greg Mottola. 2009

Bycicle ride
4800 Kennywood Blvd, West Mifflin, PA 15122, United States

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I think stylistically an Ilana, probably more like - nerdiness wise - an Abbi. She’s like, “I have a cashew stir fry and I’m gonna sit with that all night.” I was like, “yep, that’s me.”

Tatiana Maslany, on if she’s more of an Ilana or an Abby (x)

Are you an Ilana or an Abbi? > Are you a Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte or a Samantha? > Are you a Hannah, Shoshanna, Jessa or a Marnie?

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Super stoked to be featured in the Willamette Week’s Best Of Portland issue for my NBA gifs.


you know that thing in tv and movies where when someone dies another person will put their hand on their face and close their eyes. that would be so much more ridiculous if they did it one eye at a time. 


Took a break from commissions today to draw this for myself - two of the best sitcom families.